Medela Calma

product review medela calmaBefore I had my baby, I was super worried about whether my baby and I would be able to breastfeed and take a bottle from time to time. I took the advice of the salesperson and purchased the Medela Calma. She informed me that I really HAD to have this particular bottle so my baby wouldn’t experience “nipple confusion.”

Now I can’t say this bottle won’t help to prevent nipple confusion or that this bottle will or will not work for your baby, but my baby couldn’t care less what the bottle looked like so long as there was milk in it. To me this bottle was super overpriced and unnecessary. However, $18 isn’t too much to spend if it makes you feel a little more comfortable knowing you have it on hand in case your baby is particular about what he’s sucking on. But, I wouldn’t recommend buying more than one unless you have already tried it out and know it is the only bottle your baby will drink from.  And in case you have a Medela breast pump, this nipple works with the same bottles that come with your pump, so no need to buy special bottles.

On the plus side, this bottle never leaked. I would expect all my bottles to pass that test, so I only gave it 3 stars in the quality category.

I only gave the nipple two stars for clean-up primarily because there are three pieces that need to be cleaned and the instructions advise against using a nipple brush to clean the actual nipple. However, the Calma pulls apart into three pieces that can be washed in warm soapy water.

All that being said, I would tell my friends to skip this product all together and just start off with a normal bottle.


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