Timi & Leslie Louise Diaper Bag

product review diaper bag

I’m not really one of those people who loves her diaper bag to look and feel like it’s made out of the same material as my rain jacket. I try to look for a bag that could actually pass as an over-sized purse. And while perusing the LA Fashion District’s Sample Sale a few months ago, I found this diaper bag that absolutely fits my style! Saying I was excited was an understatement. I already had a perfectly good diaper bag that I actually bought at the mall for over $100, so I really didn’t want to spend money on another bag, but I just couldn’t pass this one up. And I’m so glad I didn’t. I seriously LOVE this bag.

I had never heard of the brand timi & leslie and had never seen a similar bag in a store, but I have since seen them carried in Right Start. I actually found my bag for $40 in a different color (a muted sea foam shade). They retail for $169.99, which I think is a bit high, but compared to other designer diaper bags, it’s right on par with most of them. The Louise bag is actually currently on sale on the timi & leslie website, so go check them out!

Talk about accessories! This bag comes with everything except the kitchen sink, seriously. It has a very cute, matching purse/clutch with credit card slots and inside zippered pocket. I have been able to fit a couple diapers, wipes, cash, credit cards, phone, pacifier and a snack in this for quick and easy outings. The bag also comes with an insulated bottle holder, changing pad with pocket for wipes/diapers, a zippered bag for dirty clothes, a cross-body strap, and my personal favorite – the stroller straps. I love being able to hook my diaper bag onto any kind of stroller handle. Why all diaper bags don’t have these is beyond me.

As for the bag itself, there are six interior pockets and two exterior. I’ve never really used the exterior pockets because all my stuff fits inside nicely. Another personal favorite is the keyfob. It’s amazing. I’m always losing my keys inside my bags, but as long as I actually attach my keys, I can always find them quickly.

And this bag is big. I like that about it. It’s practical and attractive. I usually have 6 diapers, a pack of wipes, a change of clothes, hand sanitizer, a bottle, formula dispenser, snack container, water bottle, and all of the included accessories inside my diaper bag and it all fits wonderfully. I still have room to add more things and know just where everything is because of all the pockets.

This is a great diaper bag. I love mine and highly recommend it to all of my friends. And if you happen to live in the LA area, go check out the Sample Sale. Who knows, maybe you’ll score an awesome diaper bag, too!


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