Chicco KeyFit Caddy

keyfit caddy copyWhen I was pregnant, my neighbor highly recommended I get a “snap-and-go” type of stroller for lugging around my infant car seat. That was probably the best purchase advice I received.

I decided on the Chicco KeyFit Caddy because I purchased a Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat and it just made sense.

I was originally going to get the Baby Trend Snap N Go, but while trying it out in store I realized the KeyFit 30 really didn’t work with it. They say it does, and with some sort of tether it probably does work, but for me, I just wanted to keep it simple and secure. The Chicco version is a bit more expensive than other brands, but if you’re using a Chicco infant seat, you’re going to want to get this one.

And, I have to say I loved this stroller. It’s light and compact. Folds easily (one-handed fold) and even fits behind the driver’s seat in my car. So, all I had to do was open the door, whip out the stroller, lift out the infant seat, plop into the caddy. So convenient! And how awesome is it to not have to wake a sleeping baby?

Also, I could seriously carry all my groceries in the basket (ok, maybe half-full grocery cart trip). That basket is amazing! It has a zippered expansion on the front and a flip-up expansion on the back so that basket can hold a ton! Another great aspect about this system is that the infant seat weighs enough that even without my baby in the seat, I could still hang my hefty diaper bag across the handle bar and not worry about the stroller tipping over.

While I gave the caddy 4 stars for the price, I would have given it 5 (under $100 for a stroller, that’s a good deal) except there are many other brands out there at least $30 cheaper. But since the stroller is under $100, I think it’s a great option for your baby registry.

Up until my baby was about 8 months old, I thought this stroller was the best purchase I made. And in all fairness, it may still be the best baby purchase, but I did find a con. My baby HATES being in his infant car seat. That didn’t start until about 8 months, but it did happen. He is not happy reclining in his seat while we’re out and about. He screams when I put him in the seat. So, around 8.5 months, I was in the market for a new stroller. This caddy is completely useless once your baby is out of the infant seat. But for the price and the sheer simplicity, this is definitely a winner.

And I cannot end this review without saying that Chicco is a great company with awesome customer support. My caddy was damaged on our trip to Grandma’s house. I emailed customer support, sent them pictures of the damaged parts, and within a few days, they had shipped me a brand new stroller. I was shocked. Chicco customer support is amazing.


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