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Before anyone gets the wrong idea about me, I just need to start this review by mentioning that I am NOT a runner, or a jogger really. Mostly, I just like to go for walks. However, I do live just outside LA and there are crazy curbs and crosswalks and uneven sidewalks. And, my husband occasionally likes to take our son out for a run. So I really wanted this stroller. I had a few friends who had one while I was pregnant, so I got to try it out a few times before really committing. And boy am I glad I did! I LOVE this stroller.

That being said, I’m going to start with the cons. First and foremost: This stroller is a BEAST. It’s huge. It does fold up, but it’s still huge, and heavy. I drive a Audi A4. It’s a small compact car. This stroller does fit in the trunk, but nothing else will. And when I say it’s heavy, maybe I should really say it’s awkward to pick up and put into said tiny trunk. This is the reason I took a star from “Ease of Use.”

Second, there is no way to recline the seat all the way back. Also, there’s no way to incline the seat to a complete 90 degrees. Just so you know, because I didn’t, that’s just the way jogging/running strollers are built. Apparently it’s a safety issue. Cool. I still love the stroller. Oh and the recline is a two-handed operation, probably also a safety feature, and not that big of a deal to me.

Third, the basket is tiny and hard to get to. This isn’t really that big of a deal seeing as it’s intended to be a jogging/running stroller. Occasionally we’ll walk to the park and want to bring a blanket, lunch, toys, etc. I can usually fit it all in there, but it is hard to get out and cram it all back in. Along these same lines, there is no parent console/cup holder. I remedied this by using a Britax stroller organizer. I would have bought the Bob version, but I got this one for free, so that’s what I’m using.

Now on to the pros. Pretty much everything else. This stroller steers great. It has awesome suspension, turns on a dime, pushes like it weighs nothing. The canopy is the best. Completely shades my baby. All strollers should have these canopies. Also the canopy has a great peek-a-boo window so you can see your baby while you’re out and about. I have heard a couple of people complain that they put Velcro on the peek-a-boo window, but mine is constantly open unless the sun is shining right down on my baby, so I’ve never worried about the Velcro waking him up. The fabric is durable and easy to wipe clean. My baby’s still pretty young, so we haven’t had any toddler messes yet, but we haven’t had anything happen that hasn’t come out of the fabric easily.

When my baby was under 6 months I used the infant adapter so I could attach his car seat. It was great having him face me so I could see if he lost his pacifier or just wasn’t enjoying the walk anymore. We pushed him around the San Diego Zoo, LA Zoo, LA Arboretum, and several other crowded parks with ease. We loved being able to watch him without having to stop and walk around to the front of the stroller and peek in at him to make sure he was doing OK. I highly recommend getting the infant adapter if you plan on using this stroller when your baby is still little. (However, it is not recommended to use the adapter while running/jogging).

Now that my baby is bigger, he sits in the actual seat and seems pretty comfortable. The stroller has a max weight allowance of 70 pounds, including the basket. So, this stroller should last my baby quite a while. I’m sure he’ll outgrow it in age and height long before he reaches 70 pounds–hopefully!

Another plus is that this stroller tends to go on sale a lot. The MSRP is $449, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it for that price. I usually see it closer to $340-ish. If you see it full price, it’s definitely worth waiting a week or so. The price will come down. For that reason I give the price 5 stars. It’s a great stroller for the price, maybe even the MSRP.



Full Upright Position

Full Upright PositionFull Recline PositionFull Recline PositionPeek-a-boo WindowPeek-a-boo Window



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